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Crestmoor Community Association


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Crestmoor Community Association Membership Fees

  • Application Fee: $500

  • Initiation Fee: $10,000

  • Annual Dues: $1,190

  • Senior Dues $595 (not based on age; for those who have been members at Crestmoor for 25 years or more)

 For more information, please contact the CCA Membership Chair at

New Member Application

  • The CCA Membership Application is now an online form.

  • The primary sponsor must fill out this form, not the applicants. 

  • You cannot save this form and come back later, so please be sure to have all of the necessary documents and information before you get started.

  • The primary sponsor will need biographical information about the applicant, spouse and children plus specific information about how the primary and secondary sponsors have personally known the applicant for at least a year.

  • Members who are seeking a reinstatement within 5 years should contact the Membership Chair at

View the New Member Application


How do I get an application?

Applicants will need two primary sponsors who have personally known them for at least two years. One of these sponsors will serve as the primary sponsor. That member will need to fill out the New Member Application


How do I apply?
Please read all of the information in this section before starting an application. The primary sponsor must submit the application. 

  1. All Applicants who are seeking a preference because they own and reside in Crestmoor Filings 1 and 2 must have been residents of metropolitan Denver for at least 2 years prior to submitting an application.

  2. All Applicants must be sponsored by two current CCA Members in good standing: one primary sponsor and one secondary sponsors. Each sponsor will have to answer questions and provide detailed information about how they have personally known the applicant for at least one year and why the applicants would be good members who will volunteer and support the Crestmoor community.

  3. The primary sponsor should gather all of this information before filling out the form.

  4. For applicants who are applying for the Crestmoor Filings I & II preference area, the primary sponsor must include proof with the application that the owners currently own and reside in their home. (People who own a home but are doing construction are not eligible to apply until they have finished their construction. Crestmoor applicants must own and reside in their homes both at the time of application and at the time of invitation.) Primary sponsors must include documentation with the application. Please see details below.

  5.  The primary sponsor is responsible for gathering all application materials, ensuring the documents are accurate, and filling out the online application. Primary sponsors also help host the New Member Gathering and assist the new Member with orientation to CCA. 

The online application and fees must be received by OCTOBER 31 in order for the applicants to be considered for membership for the following year.

What are the current initiation fee and annual dues?
See above.  If you are offered membership, you will have 3 days to accept the offer. Both the initiation fee and annual dues must be paid within two weeks of your membership acceptance.  Annual dues are subject to change.

What is the role of the Primary Sponsor for applicants to Crestmoor Community Association?
The primary sponsor is responsible for gathering all application materials, ensuring the documents are accurate and truthful and filling out the online application found on the Crestmoor Website. Primary sponsors will also help host the New Member Gathering and assist the new Member with orientation to CCA.

How long is the waiting list?
Crestmoor’s waiting list changes each year and is updated at the beginning of each year.


At this time, it is extremely unlikely that people who are not in the preference groups (Reinstatements, Children of Members and owners and residents of homes in Crestmoor Filings 1 and 2) will get in to Crestmoor.

Why is it taking so long for Greater Metro Denver applicants to get in?
Our Bylaws cap the CCA membership at 375 families. We admit new Members on a one out/one in basis as former Members either resign or select senior status. On average, approximately 10-15 families leave Crestmoor Community Association or convert their membership to senior status each year. Applicants in the preference categories (Reinstatements, Children of Members, Crestmoor Filings I & II) are admitted first, and any remaining openings are then filled by Greater Metro Denver Applicants. 

How do I know if I live in Crestmoor Filings I or II?
Applicants should review the title to their home to be sure "Crestmoor Filing I or II" is in the legal description. You may also check the legal description of your property through the Denver Assessor’s office.

How do I submit proof of ownership and residency if I am seeking preference as a resident of Crestmoor Filings I and II?
Included with their application, Crestmoor Filing I and II Applicants must submit a copy of the page from their closing documents showing the legal description of their property. This document is generally called the Warranty Deed. In order to be eligible to apply, you must both own and reside in your home when you apply and when membership is offered to you. If you purchased your home and are remodeling it, you are not eligible to apply until your home is complete and you are residing in it full time as your primary residence. To prove residency, you must submit a bill showing active utility service at your current address. Please be advised that we check all applications to confirm both ownership and residency. If inaccurate information is provided, your application will be denied, and you may be barred from applying to CCA in the future. In addition, the primary and secondary sponsors may also suffer penalties if they knowingly assist someone in submitting a fraudulent application.

Do you have to own your home to join Crestmoor?
Applicants seeking preference as residents of Crestmoor Filings I or II must submit proof that they own and reside in their homes both at the time of application and at the time of invitation to join Crestmoor. Applicants from Greater Metro Denver may rent or own.

FAQ’s for Members:

My neighbor, whom I just met, asked me to sponsor them. What do I do?
Our rules require all sponsors to personally have known applicants for at least one year. The sponsors play a crucial role in vetting potential members. If you have just met someone in passing or do not know them personally, you are obliged to turn down sponsorship requests.

We just joined CCA. Can we serve as sponsors?
No. You are required to be a Member of CCA for a minimum of one year before you are eligible to sponsor applicants.

How many people may I sponsor each year?
Members in good standing may serve as a primary sponsor for one applicant and a secondary sponsor for one applicant in any calendar year.

What happens to our membership if we have gotten a divorce?
Only one adult of a divorced couple may continue as a CCA Member. It is the responsibility of the divorced Members to decide which spouse will retain the CCA membership and inform CCA of the status of each adult on the Annual Member Renewal Form.
The Divorced Non-Member has three options:
1) resign permanently from CCA; or
2) request a status-change to become a Divorced non-Member, which will allow you to pay only annual dues and continue to use the club as a non-voting Member for a grace period of up to two years following the change in membership status due to the divorce; or
3) apply for reinstatement as a new Member and pay the full initiation and annual dues then in force, within five years of the resignation by divorce.

When are Members eligible for senior status?
Members in good standing, who have been Members for 25 years, may apply for senior status. Members with senior status pay half the annual dues.

We have senior status. Are our children and grandchildren part of our membership?
No. According to CCA’s Bylaws, Senior Membership is limited to only the adult heads of household. Children and Grandchildren of Members with senior status are welcome as guests and guest rules and fees apply at all times. Children and grandchildren of Senior Members may only participate in CCA programs if the current rules allow non-members. If allowed, non-member children and grandchildren will have to pay non-member fees.


Important Dates

End of February: Membership Fees are Due
All dues need to be postmarked before March 1. Any family that has not sent in their dues by March 1st will be assessed a $100 late fee.


October 31: New Member Application Deadline
Your online application must be submitted by Oct. 31 in order for applicants to be considered for membership for the following year.


Early January: New Waitlist is published
Check back early in the year to get an update on where you are on the waitlist.


For questions, please contact

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