2018 Synchro team

Crestmoor SYNCHRO! 

If you are new to Crestmoor Synchro, welcome!  If you have been swimming for years, we are excited to have you back!  2018 is going to be a great season.  

Synchro Co-chairs,

Ashley May    atmay@comcast.net
Carrie Krambeck  CarrieKrambeck@yahoo.com


Registration for the Crestmoor Barracudas Synchro Team is open and easy.  Click the link below:

2018 Synchro team sign-up

Once you have registered your swimmer, all future Synchro communications
will come from Team Snap, so please make sure that your email and cell phone numbers are correct on the registration page.

Program Cost:  
Novice Swimmer $155.00
Intermediate Swimmer $210
USA Synchro $45 for all swimmers

Synchro Calendar 2018

Pre-Season Dates (All Ages):  

MAY 21 - JUNE 1 (No Memorial Day practice)   4-5PM
MAY 23  Pancake Dinner   6PM

Regular Season Practice
:  (same times)
JUNE 4-JULY 23, Monday-Friday       3:30-5:15PM
JUNE 4-JULY 23 M/T/TH Night           7-9:00PM  (swimmers ages 14-19 only)

Synchro Meet/Team Competition Schedule:

JUNE 9  Figure meet @  VV  
JUNE 23  Figure meet @ Skyline 
JULY 7  Figure meet @ Stapleton 
JULY 24-25 State Finals @ Crestmoor 

If your child is not ready for competition-level synchronized swimming, group lessons are available at 10:30 AM M-TH with the same pricing as swim lessons.  Private lessons are available by contacting the Synchro Coaches.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email the chairs or coaches.  Looking forward to a great summer with your swimmers!